About BFI

The strongest business relationships are built face-to-face – even in the digital age,
perhaps especially in the digital age.
  • Why BFI

    BFI provides a variety of ways to share market insights and professional opportunities.

    Monthly Meetings

    Meetings take place once a month over breakfast or lunch. Face-to-face interaction is fundamental to BFI. It is the best way for members to keep one another’s clients and issues top-of-mind.
    BFI is driven by active participation and a give-first mindset. We find that professional generosity is contagious. The steady flow of opportunity enables groups to flourish and the individuals in them to prosper.

    Expanded Networks

    Members have access to industry-specific, young executive, professional
    women advisors—and more—networks. These highly focused networks present valuable opportunities to enhance business development activities.

    The Power of Three

    Small group sessions are critical to the success of BFI. Between meetings, groups of three members each get together to discuss specific opportunities in a less structured environment.

    A Global Community

    BFI operates throughout the U.S. and in key business hubs around the world. Members are encouraged to visit groups in other cities, join our expanded networks, and connect to the global BFI community via private, secure, online access. Locate professional resources, present referrals, and pursue opportunities wherever and whenever you’d like.

  • Memberships

    BFI members are dedicated to serving their clients. They value hard work, understand the power of face-to-face networking, and enjoy all of it.
    We welcome diverse individuals with compelling advisory experience and a well-established client base. Other BFI members will look to you as a resource—an expert within your area of specialization. They will expect you to bring business development opportunities, both quality and quantity, and a commitment to frequent participation.

    Membership to BFI is by invitation only. Request more information >

    Corporate Memberships: A Constant Source of Business

    Corporate Memberships present an exceptional opportunity for firms whose scopes extend across regions, nationally or globally. Through BFI, executives and advisors are continuously connected to a network of professionals that are actively engaged in business development. Because we provide a structured, efficient means of sharing of opportunities and market insight, an investment in BFI pays for itself many times over.

    Corporate Members include:

    BDO J.P. Morgan Northern Trust  
    Creekridge Capital Marsh Perkins Coie  
    DLA Piper Merrill Lych Stout  
    Fox Rothschild Morgan Stanley Transwestern  
    Goldman Sachs NFP Tatum  
  • Professional Categories

    You come together for the same reasons: to share insights, to expand relationships, and to identify opportunities in the ever-changing market. On your right sits a trust & estates attorney, whose client is looking to transfer family wealth to the next generation. On your left, a tax partner in a global accounting firm mentions that her client may soon be going public. It is a pleasure to be among leading advisory professionals and to build the caliber and scope of your business together with your peers, every one of them as motivated as you are to have a seat at this table.

    Professional Categories include:

    • Accounting
    • Attorney
    • Banking
    • Consulting
    • Corporate
    • Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Real Estate
    • Recruiting
    • Technology
  • BFI and the BDO Network

    In 2014, BFI became part of BDO, a natural fit for two organizations with a relationship focus and an entrepreneurial mindset.

    BFI members gain access to the resources and global footprint of one of the world’s elite professional service firms. BDO has secured relationships with prominent attorneys, financial managers, brokers, and more across industries, areas of expertise, and geographic regions. For professionals at both BFI and BDO, the merger represents an opportunity to better serve a wider range of clients, from growing private firms to multinational corporations.

  • "We view BFI as the premier networking entity among trusted advisors serving middle market businesses."

    Steve Ferarra, COO | BDO USA